Main characteristics

• Economic, political and social stability.
• Exchange rate freedom.
• Free transfer of capital and profits.
• Open foreign trade.
• Member of MERCOSUR and trade agreements with other countries.

Foreign investors can carry out any type of activity, in the same conditions as local investors. In some sectors that are specifically regulated by the State, foreign investors can carry out activities under the public works concession scheme.

Any investor can operate in the country by incorporating a corporation (Sociedad Anónima – SA), which is the most frequently used company type, of which it can own 100% of share capital.

Investors may also operate through limited responsibility companies (Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada – SRL) or other forms of partnership, integrated by members who can be either local or foreign individuals or legal entities.

Foreign investors may also choose to operate in the country through a branch of a foreign company. Tax treatment for the various corporate vehicles differs in many aspects; therefore, a careful analysis should be conducted before choosing the company type to be used.

As a result of the rule of law and economic stability, Uruguay has traditionally offered a safe environment to foreign investors.

In addition, it is a member of international organizations promoting investment safety, such as the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) and the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes of the World Bank Group.

Furthermore, Uruguay has entered into several treaties for the promotion and mutual protection of capital investments with many countries, such as United States, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and Finland.

A Strong and Solid Real Estate Market

The variety and quality of constructions, as well as the strength of its real estate market, make Uruguay an excellent choice to invest in properties.

The fact that foreigners may buy properties with the same rights as citizens, as well as the possibility to bring investment funds to the country and return these funds back to their country of origin after paying the corresponding taxes, makes Uruguay an attractive option.

Private property rights in Uruguay are protected by the Law. Properties are mostly free from any mortgages, providing the market with more stability and security.

República Oriental del Uruguay, país de América del Sur, situado en la parte oriental del Cono Sur americano.

Capital: Montevideo
Población: 3,395 millones (2012) Banco Mundial
Moneda: Peso uruguayo
Idioma oficial: Idioma español

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